Amazon Kindle Smartphone Said to be in the Works; We Just Hope it’s True

May 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The gadget world is full of ironies. Though there were many names doing the rounds as to who had exclusive expertise in bringing out electronic gadgets and marketing them, it was a book seller’s tactic that worked more effectively on that terrain. Look at the tablets they have created.

Amazon has made a ground-breaking phenomenon in tablet selling with its successful Kindle Fire tablet. So they have an efficient hardware division with them now.

So what they could be aiming at now? A smartphone? Why can’t they?

We just feel that a smartphone concept is brewing up in the hardware camps of Amazon since they have already trained their tables at efficient hardware development and aggressive marketing.

But dots need to be connected. Look at Facebook, how they earn money from the popularity. They have established a wonderful ecosystem centered on their popular social networking site which functions as a mass revenue generator. There are major examples like Microsoft, Google and Apple who generate such revenue from their own walled-off ecosystems.

So now listen to the recent news that Facebook is rapidly developing an own-branded smartphone in partnership with HTC. Own-branded hardware is the only current missing link in Facebook’s ecosystem to make it stand similar to that of Apple and Microsoft. So they are making their smartphone to enhance the revenue generation from their ecosystem.

Amazon has already experienced the benefits of having own-branded hardware to enhance the revenue when they developed Kindle Fire using Google’s OS platform as the base but replaced Google’s ecosystem with their own.

But a tablet has its own limitations in reaching out to more potential customers. So in that sense, a smartphone will be the next logical move from Amazon. Well, there are rumors circulating around us that say that Amazon will launch its Kindle smartphone by Q4 this year.

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