Samsung Galaxy S 3 New Leaked Picture Shows 4.8-inch Display

April 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is no end for Galaxy S 3 rumors untill it comes out officially. Since we are as eager as you are to know about the real truth behind the S 3, we can’t help sharing these rumors here, right when they come out to the tech news valley.

The latest one among the S 3 rumors claims to have a leaked picture of the original phone.

Well, we have to wait till May 3rd to confirm if their claim is true. However, the new rumor hints that the rig may come with a 130 mm length with a 4.8 inch display.

Unlike other leaked or blur cam images, there is no slight clue on the buttons and apps on the screen since the device in the leaked picture turns out to be switched off.

Previous rumors and leaks on the Samsung Galaxy S 3 have shown the device with certain hardware buttons. However, still there is speculation that the rumor was just a Photoshop job, so we are not sure about the presence of any buttons on the rig.

The latest leaked image also does not show any such hardware buttons. But it can be also due to the backlight of the system being switched off, which keeps the buttons and screen in dark, leaving no clue to us.

However, the new picture also shows that the rig will be having a similar form factor when compared to Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

To be frank, we are helpless in digging out the truth behind each and every claim that comes long as the flood gate of rumors and speculations are lifted. No way than waiting till May 3rd.

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