LG Cloud Beta Rolls Out in South Korea

April 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s a fighting time on clouds. One behind another, major names in the gadget world and web world are coming out with competing cloud services.

If it was Google who has introduced Google Drive as a cloud storage service killer for existing players, now it is LG’s turn to offer a new cloud service.

However, LG’s cloud service, which is dubbed as LG Cloud, is not similar to Google Drive, but more on line with iCloud from Apple. It is a cloud streaming service which helps users quickly shuttle media files like music, photos and videos between various devices in LG’s ecosystem.

Presently rolled out in beta form, the new cloud service from LG can be accessed from a number of devices like PCs, TVs and smartphones.

The real time transcoding approach with the service makes the content available in the most suitable format according to the device being used. It is most useful if the user is using a bandwidth sensitive mobile device.

The service offers additional advantages when it comes to better viewing. For example, LG Cloud can help users of Optimus 3D Max to remotely share the 3D videos they have shot in the rig to a TV which can render a better viewing experience of the clip later.

Presently LG offers 5 GB free storage per member for anybody with an LG account in South Korea and limited areas in the US where the service will be launched on May 1st onwards.

However, the company is offering high incentives with product purchase, with which the users can get 50 GB of storage space for the first six months.

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