Sony Device with 2 Sliding Features Soon; Could Redefine Mobile Gaming

April 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony usually brings out awesome ideas that stay in the market for a very long time. It now looks like they plan to bring another idea to life.

The company will most probably launch a handset that will incorporate two sliding extras – a full QWERTY and a gamepad. The USPTO has granted a patent for Sony which gives the company the claim for the new device.

If you are wondering about how it would work, once the primary sliding system is enabled, the secondary one will come along as well. And, when both are enabled, you can slide back either one of the sliding counterparts of the device.

So when you want to just have a nice chat with your friends, you can just pull out the keyboard and slide in the other gamepad.

When you are in the mood for gaming, pull out the gamepad and slide back the keyboard. We expect a device equipped with this feature to be a bit thick, but it does not really matter much as the features will compensate for the bulky form factor.

Hopefully, the next Sony Xperia Play smartphone will be equipped with this feature. If that would be the case, it will offer users a whole new realm of mobile gaming.

There is not much information about this new development that Sony has made, and so we don’t know when the company will launch their new device.

With patent now theirs, hopefully, the launch might come about soon. Watch this space. In the meantime tell us your thoughts in the comments space below.

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