Consumers Look for a Richer, Safer Online Shopping Experience

April 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Recent trends in shopping have brought to the fore the fact that online and mobile shopping are riding the upward curve.  With online and mobile shopping bringing about a brave new world of options for consumers’ worldwide, it is only natural that more people are looking at these arenas for a rich shopping experience.

A recent survey by MasterCard has thrown up interesting findings in this terrain. It has been revealed that consumers in the US believe that “entering payment, billing and shipping information” were the main pain points of the online shopping experience.

The only issue they find is that they never know how an item fits or looks in-person. The MasterCard-commissioned online survey conducted by Harris Interactive included responses from 2,229 adults.

The fact is that consumers are turning more confident about online shopping and are more interested in using their mobile devices for that. However, shoppers feel the current checkout process needs improvement to fully realize the potential of these important retail channels.

The survey also found that various issues make online and mobile shopping experience frustrating for consumers. That, in turn, results in missed revenue opportunities for merchants and retailers.

Further, it was found that around one out of every four Americans who shop online using a computer or a mobile device admitted that they had abandoned their shopping carts at least once a month before completing their purchase.

Security was found to be a concern among the respondents. A 53 percent of the US adults who acknowledged that they do shop online with their mobile device said they were concerned about security of their transactions.

Around 58 percent of the online shoppers who participated in the survey indicated they would prefer one place where their account information can be safely stored and easily accessed to simplify the online check-out experience, no matter where they are shopping online.

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