US -Russia Hot Line Set Up to Avert Cyber War in Future

April 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Finding no respite from cyber attacks originating from the Russian continent Federation, US authorities have started setting up a communication hotline on the lines of the famous NRRC (Nuclear Risk Reduction Center) between Russia and the US.

NRRC has been functioning as a hotline, popularly known as the red phone, since 1988 to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict between US and Russia through a direct channel of communication.

Though cyber attacks have not yet been as lethal as nuclear attacks, they are infamous for their ability to paralyze important governing networks and penetrating into strategic information, which pushed the country from setting up a similar system as NRRC.

Currently, Russia is notorious for their alleged involvement in helping DDOS attacks against rival governments, media and financial organizations which makes it a possible potential threat when it comes to cyber attacks.

The new system which is the first of its kind between US and another country will attempt to reduce the danger of conflict in cyber space.

Though, there are suggestions popping up that a similar hotline should be established between China- another notorious cyber attacker – and the US too, it is not yet clear how much the system will help avert mishaps in cyberspace. Unlike a nuclear missile launch, it is very difficult to detect early signs of a cyber attack until it actually hits your servers, which makes the new hot line different from NRRC.

However, the system may help the authorities to move forward with better attribution to the agents of attack once it takes place. Cyber war is now getting some elite attention.

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