Make your Android Device an Apple one here, free of charge

April 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you ever missed Apple’s iOS feel in your life since you are an ardent disciple of Android, your time has come to taste the Cupertino corporate design dish in the form a free Android app on Google Play.

Yes, you heard it right, now there is an app to make Android into Apple, free of charge.

Rightly dubbed iPhone 4S screen, the app will instantaneously give you the look and feel of an iPhone 4S interface once you install it. However, as you know, the Android ideologies cannot be just turned into the secretive corporate stuff inside the Apple clan, so the look is just superficial and your rig keeps Android in its core, as usual.

So on outward looks, it is just like a jail broken iOS installed into your Android device but when you tap on any of the apps the real Android inside comes out.

The app offers you a good number of Apple iOS like themes for Android phone. You can pick from the classic Apple look to monochrome blue themed iOS look.

To make it closer to the real Apple, the theme app even brings along Siri, but don’t dare to ask anything to the unique Apple voice assistant, as it does not talk in the theme.

The app has got to the heights of popularity with more than a million downloads to date from Google Play store. There is good opinion around which reflects in its 4.1 stars and most of the 9448 reviews it has. Want to go Apple on Android?

[Editor’s note: There is another app, Fake iPhone 4S, that also has over 1 million downloads.  IMHO, it is not that cool, but Siri works as you can assign Dragon Go for this function.]

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