Facebook Smartphone in the Works at HTC; Aims at Q3 2012 Roll Out

April 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do I hear you haven’t had enough of Facebook? With all these special social networking apps churned out by gadget makers and developers alike, if you still feel the need for another device to handle your virtual social connection on the go, here is the solution – social networking god himself is making a smartphone for you.

As per leaked info, Facebook is preparing a super social networking smartphone in partnership with HTC, who is an expert in developing Smartphone with Facebook integration on both hardware and software.

Sources close to the development hint that the phone will be an Android device modified to be a Facebook-exclusive platform, and will bring along all the features and options of the social network.

However, it will be entirely different from HTC ChaCha (or Salsa) in the fact that it will be completely Facebook branded. However, you will have to wait for HTC to put the finishing touches on this device.  We expect that the rig may lunch in marketplace by the third quarter of this year.

Earlier reports also have hinted about the project which is reportedly code named Buffy in Facebook circles. But it is now rumored to have a new code name and a new team in place.

Though it is ironic that Facebook will be using its arch rival Google’s Android platform for its Smartphone, it is likely that Facebook will follow Amazon’s path by just replacing the Google ecosystem on Android with its own one to generate additional revenue.

We are very far from getting an official confirmation from either Facebook or HTC about the existence of such a project.  So we have to wait till an official announcement to make it sure that the phone really takes to the market.

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