Apple Tries to Patent MacBook Air Design; May Be Seen as Threat to Ultrabooks

April 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is notorious for its patent craze, which pushed to the point where they have gone to patent the design of their stores. A recent filing at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shows that they are still on their patenting spree and now it’s time for the MacBook Air design to be patented.

The patent aims at reserving the intellectual property rights for a portable computing device with a wedge shaped top case and a hinge connected lid.

The design, according to the filing, can accommodate components like a high speed memory card with its connector.

As per Apple claims, the specific design of Mac Book Air is very crucial in the impressions of users which makes it fit for a patent.

The move is to use it as weapon to check the growth of any competitor who is intensely researching to come out with something sleeker like MacBook Air.

We have seen how the iGiant at Cupertino has gone behind Samsung with patents from their collection, alleging that the latter has copied the design of Galaxy Tab from their iPad.

There are presently some nine patent applications filed in this regard. If Apple gets all of them granted, it could deal a severe blow to the ultra books heading to the market.

That is not all. The iGiant has also applied for a patent on how OLED displays control the brightness.

Interestingly, OLED displays are not in the spec list of any Apple device and adjusting brightness on OLED is trickier due to the absence of backlights.

So it means they have got a trick for it and possibly, some OLED device is hiding under the hoods of Apple for an imminent release. Who knows?

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