Sony HandyCam HDR-GW77V Rolled Out; Lets You Record Those Jolly Moments Underwater

April 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A majority of our beloved gadgets have a great fear of water. So usually when you are spending your precious time with your family or friends in a lake or during some under water swimming, you have to let such memories fade away just because your camera is digital and is hydrophobic too.

Sony very well knows there is no justice in that. So they have just added one more excellent piece to the existing waterproof handy cams with the introduction of HandyCam HDR-GW77V.

This rig comes with solid waterproof capacity and allows you to record those jolly moments underwater when you go for a swim or to a pool next time without the fear of your cam going dizzy in water.

Loaded with an internal storage of 16 GB, the cam has got an additional SDXC memory card slot which helps you add more storage to it, making it more massive for your videos.

To keep you pleased, the rig packs a 3-inch touch screen display and allows you to record videos in high quality with its support for 1080p/60p and 60i AVCHD video recording at 28Mbps.

To enable geo tagging, the new handy cam from Sony comes with an internal GPS chipset. However don’t think that the rig can spend all of its time in the water, as it cannot.  Maybe ‘short term waterproofing’ best describes this device.

Sony claims that the device will stay waterproof under depths up to 5 meters and that too for a maximum of one hour. The waterproof seal will not be able to sustain underwater pressure for longer duration at such a depth.

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