Google Drive Introduced: 5 GB Cloud Storage for Free, 100 GB for $5 a Month

April 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Get ready for a hard drive in the cloud, as the search god has just made the latest of its going-to-be-popular free service to take birth in shapeless cloud storage form.

Yes, you heard it right, after a long drag over the years and multiple delays since the first hint, search giant Google has introduced its cloud storage service in the expected lines.

Being a project which was incredibly dragged and delayed, there were plenty of rumors about the upcoming service.

In line with most of them, the new cloud service offers 5 GB of free cloud storage which users can use to store over 30 types of files and view it in their browser even if they don’t have the program installed in their device. This applies to HD videos and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files too.

However, since the 5 GB free space was something expected, the most awaited thing with the Google Drive was how it is going to affect the existing free cloud storage services. Dropbox, the most popular one right now will be severely hit, as it is offering just 2 GB free storage.

Moreover, the Google Drive is going to hit Dropbox paid storage plans too, since Dropbox offers 100 GB for $20 a month and 50 GB for half of that at $10 per month. Google has beaten both these plans by offering 100 GB storage for $5 per month.

Moreover, the ability to collaborate with the existing Google services and the reliability of Google networks are also expected to give some upper hand to the Google Cloud when compared to the Dropbox or similar clouds around. Now, let us know if you are planning to sign in for the service.

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