Apple iPad to Pocket One Third of Tablet Sales in 2016; Android Downtrend Likely

April 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What we expected right at the beginning of the tablet craze in the market is actually coming out as plain reality these days.

These ultra portable devices are quickly turning to be an integral part of people’s usual lives, pushing out the PCs, as per a new study report.

A study by Forrester Research has found that  tablet sale is rocketing up in its growth rate when compared to other gadget genres. It is expected to hit a massive 375 million units sold by 2016, making the annual growth rate of tablet sales to 46 percent. At that rate, there will be anything around 760 million tablets in use in 2016, says the study.

The study also throws some light into the direction in which the tablet features may develop. It says that the future tablets will get new sensors, better connectivity and processing in a matter of four years which in turn makes possible improved gesture control, better voice assistant features and software that can anticipate user’s needs.

It also points to possible chances of an Android decline in the market with major OEMs shifting their focus to Windows 8.

Apple iPad will hold one third of the tablet sales by 2016. However, Samsung and similar players will stay with the primarily growth markets by providing budget devices.

Interestingly, the study boldly predicts the emergence of a new genre of peripheral with larger displays than the tablets and with greater processing capacity.

The device, which the study calls ‘Frames’, will be used for large scale applications and for purposes like presentations.

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