Apple iPad Hits 11.8 Million Mark in Q2; 151 Percent Increase from Last Year

April 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPad is still on its success journey through the gadget markets world over.

The demand for the iPad, especially the third generation one, has brought the iGiant to a point where they are struggling to get enough component supplies to keep the orders delivered in time.

According to the last earning call conference at Apple, the company was able to send some 11.8 million iPads in the second fiscal quarter this year. When compared to earlier iPad sales, the trend shows a staggering 151 percent increase from a mere 4.68 million pieces an year ago.

Though it is a great jump in sales digits that has helped Apple amass $6.6 billion in revenue just by selling the tablet and its accessories, the flag ship device has missed the 13 million units estimate put forward by market researchers in the beginning of the quarter.

However, Apple says they were strained by the unexpected growth in the orders. According o official figures from Apple, the third generation iPad has sold 3 million units just in the first week of its availability. That is the fastest tablet roll out from Apple’s stable to date.

Presently, the adoption rate of new iPad and 16 GB variant of iPad 2 persists, giving the tablets from Apple the upperhand against competitors. Interestingly, iPads have now reached a 67 million units mark in its sales.

When comparing that to other Apple products, Macs took 24 years to reach there, while for iPods and iPhones, it was five years and three years respectively.

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