Microsoft Windows 8 Near-Final Preview Release in the First Week of June

April 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We are in the habit of getting more rumors and leaks about a major product from a major manufacturer or software developer before its official launch.

But in the case of Windows 8 and Microsoft, things tend to be very different. The company has been so pro-active in sharing info on Windows 8 development and its different stages so far.

Official information from Microsoft now says that a near-final release preview version of Windows 8 will be rolled out in the first week of June. The announcement was made at a Windows Developer Days event in Japan.

The release preview will be the third landmark for the users in their wait for the much awaited new windows platform from Microsoft which already allowed sneak peaking into two tests releases during its different developmental stages, the last one being the customer preview in February.

The near-final release announcement also gives an idea about the expected full release time frame for the platform. According to experts, the full version will definitely come down this fall.

The new platform is crucial for the survival of Microsoft as they are looking at Windows 8 as the major weapon which will help them get an upper hand over the threat raised by Apple in the market.

The company has also revealed that the platform will have three versions –consumer, pro and WinRT, which will help it to expand to different segments of the market with its presence on tables, PCs and cheaper devices with ARM processors, to lure the budget segment too.

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