Microsoft Slaps Additional Tablet Virtualization License Fees on Non-Windows Tablets

April 24, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, everyone is very well aware of the cold war between Microsoft and Apple to check each other’s progress in the industry. Microsoft was not having a positive positional advantage so far, but with Windows 8, things are expected to change a little.

Now, as part of increasing their leverage in the competition before the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has taken a strategic step to check the growth of Apple tablets and in effect any non-Windows tablets.

In a move to give extra benefits for users of Windows tablets in enterprise and business segments, the company has added an extra licensing fee for tablets utilizing virtualization programs to access apps on Windows servers.

The point is that most of the non-Windows tablets users in the enterprise sector will have to use desktop virtualization apps for their purpose.

So the new fee will give additional revenue for Windows or will give a push to the enterprise segment about switching to the upcoming Windows 8 platform.

The new fee known as Companion Device License (CDL) comes on top of the existing Software Assurance (SA) volume licensing agreement for Windows 8 in a way that corporations already under the SA agreements too should pay the additional fee. Every CDL license bought in this way will allow use of up to four iPads or Android tablets.

Pushing their actual intention to the forefront, Microsoft announcement also makes it clear that WinRT tablets will get the licensing free of charge which will make them the best complementary option for business customers.

The move comes as statistics show that Apple’s iPad is rapidly being adopted by the enterprise section of the market. However, we will have to wait to see if Microsoft has actually scored a goal in the battle.

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