HTC Set to Make Own Processors for Smartphones

April 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC has finally decided to hop on to the bandwagon of phone makers who tout self-made processors. The phone maker will soon be seen developing processors that can match the standards of their smartphones, thus minimizing reliance on third party chip makers.

Top brands Samsung and Apple currently make their own processors, which in fact, has helped them stay on top when it comes to quality, competition and costs. Samsung was an innovator, when they launched the Hummingbird now known as Exynos in 2010.

Now that theTaiwanphone maker is planning on building processors for their low-end models, we might get to see the scene getting hotter.

We hear HTC is likely to start producing their own processors by next year. The company has signed a memorandum of cooperation with ST-Ericsson for making their own chipsets.

Currently, HTC is depending on Qualcomm and Nvidia processors for powering their high-end phone functionalities.

It’s likely that for the time being, Samsung will stick to these companies for the processors for their high-end gadgets. However, newer low cost models from HTC debuting next year can expect the SoCs made by the company. What do you think will be the credibility factor of HTC’s processor debut?

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