Turn Green this Earth Day with These Intelligent Apps

April 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Earth Day is around the bend, and don’t you think it is high time you did something for the planet that provides you with everything you need? In case you have been unsuccessfully hunting for advice towards turning green, we have a set of them for you.

A slew of apps have arrived on to the technology scene, and they indeed promise to help you tread the eco-friendly space in style.

We believe in these apps, and they are sure to help you live a green life, save gas and preserve the maximum amount of energy so that your kids will have enough left when they come of age.



One of those apps that caught our mind is Automobile Green. You can deploy the app for zooming into an environmentally-friendly car of your choice. What’s absolutely exciting is that the app brings to your finger tips news and  reviews of green automobiles. You can also follow links to a variety of blogs that wax eloquent on the green car scenario.

Equally exciting is the Green Calculator app, which lets you calculate your personal CO2 emission footprint. So when you go flying, driving or put to use household appliances, you can bank on this app to know the CO2 emissions.

There are also a number of other apps that will help you in your mission of turning green: the Carbon 3R-susbtainable lifestyle app that provides information on simple practices and principles to raise sustainability awareness is one such. It even includes a green news feed to keep you updated.

The Environmental Educator app educates you on different environmental topics and offers short videos daily. If you are a parent who needs to teach your children about sustainability, this is one you need to pick.

Looking for more? The Environmental Quiz app can help you out as with questions on the environment, recycling, animals and more, while the Green Dictionary can help you out if you need the definitions for green terms like carbon footprint and smart grid. A similar find is the My Planet app that includes quizzes and helpful tips and will show you how the everyday choices you make can have a huge impact on the environment.

Further still, the Light Bulb Finder app helps you to switch to more energy efficient lighting in your home by recommending the required lighting.

If you have something to recycle like an old TV, plastic and even motor oil, an app named My Recycle List can guide you on how to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way by providing local contacts. Also, if you want to save fuel and would like a shorter alternative road, the VZ Navigator can help you using the most intelligent GPS navigation.

These are just a bunch of smartphone apps available now that can help you in you mission to turn green. If you believe in preserving Mother Earth and want to work towards saving it, you can start with these useful apps.

Let us know which one would you want to go for.

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