Sharp Aquos TV G Series LCD 3D TVs Unveiled; Arriving in Stores this June

April 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sharp has come up with a brand new plan to make a push into the much-more profitable LCD TV market place. They have decided to launch the  world’s largest 3D LCD TV along with 5 other models under the Sharp Aquos brand. The TVs were unveiled for the Japanese market.

Sharp is in fact looking to provide new ways of enhancing people’s  enjoyment  of the television experience through their products in fiscal 2012 with devices that come with prefixes ‘Big and Smart’. The new series comes in sizes of 40, 46, 52, 60, 70 and 80 inches. The new Aquos TV G series will be launched in June.

These new large models from Sharp offer a number of features like realistic and expressive images, smart functions which enable the user to browse the internet and use software like Skype and Facebook independent from personal computers.

They are smartly programmed to use the past viewing records to recommend TV programs and online videos. The devices also are 3D compatible and use large scale integration systems to show good quality images and play clear sounds.

But it seems like the hero of the group is the 80 inch LCD TV which would be the  largest LCD TV in the domestic market. It is expected to cost around ¥950,000 ($11,656) and for ¥350,000 or $4295 you can get a 60 inch LCD model.

Imagine playing your PS3 on that 80-inch LCD TV. I bet it will give you a feeling like no other!

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