Microsoft Windows Store Going Global; 33 More App Submission Locations Being Added

April 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are a developer who wants to work for Windows, you are in luck because the company is now giving developers from 38 countries a chance to submit to the Microsoft Windows Store their Windows 8 based metro-style apps.

Microsoft Windows web services team’s vice president Antoine Leblond posted in his blog that Microsoft aims to support developers irrespective of where they reside and give customers applications which is to their liking that also includes local offerings.

Microsoft has also announced that they will forge ahead with their app store and will deliver global service. It has been made known that when you build a service at the scale of windows, it needs to grow gradually and deliberately.

Leblond said that by running the Windows update service with hundreds of millions of client connections, they have learned a lot about building, scaling and securing such a service.

Earlier, developers with dedicated app catalogs from France, India, Japan, the US and Japan were the ones who were supported by the store for app submission.

Developers from other countries used the ‘Rest of the World’ catalog. The company will open up the store for developers from a total of 38 countries by adding 33 more submission locales.

Microsoft also aims to improve the Windows store by adding seven more languages to the pre-release developer portal and they will also increase the market-specific app catalogs to 26, a big change, as it was just 5 before.

The Windows Store allows developers to put up their applications for free, for sale and for trial which will expire after a certain amount of time. Those for sale will be in a price range between $1.49 and $999.99 and Microsoft plans to take 30% of the developer’s income and if the sales manage to rise to $20,000 and above, they will reduce their cut to 20%.

Even though Microsoft is in the Windows 8 pre-release time frame, a lot of people in more than 200 markets have downloaded millions of apps. Can it beat the Android Market? I seriously doubt it, but who knows… I mean, Microsoft does have a way of surprising people!

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