Yahoo to Slash 50 Online Services

April 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Yahoo is still on axing mode. If it was with employees earlier, now it is with the services. Somehow, the sinking ship has to be saved. After axing some odd 2000 heads from their work force, the one-time king of the web space is now announcing that they will pull the plugs off some 50 online services.

In a bid to turn the tables of the game for the struggling company, Yahoo is trying all sorts of tricks. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson made it clear that it is difficult for the firm to stand stern without ruthless moves.

According to him, the oddly named firm has been doing ‘way too much for too long’. He said they were not able to do well with all the things, but “was only doing a few things really well”.

He has confessed that whatever process Yahoo has implemented has became too complex and of stifled innovation in the long run.

Though Yahoo’s intention to cut down the services has slipped out of the bag, it is not yet sure which are the services that will be taken down.

However, expert observers suggest that the struggling firm will focus more on ad-generating platforms in their service like Yahoo news, Finance, Sports and Yahoo Mail platforms.

No matter what they take down, we will be really sorry if they are pulling the plugs off Flickr, our old time most favorite photo sharing platform.

Now tell us if any of you will be similarly hurt if Yahoo cuts down any specific service.

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