Minty Pwner Spy Computer Comes in an Altoid Tin Box Size for $99

April 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are on the charge of the system security in your firm, do keep an eye on anybody passing by you with a mint box on his hand!

But before you run to get him, make sure that an Ethernet cable is sticking out at one end. We are not joking; spy machines now come packed in mint box sizes which can easily drain away crucial corporate data through their Wi-Fi signal to a hacker nearby.

Kevin Bong, a security researcher and penetration tester based in Wisconsin, has developed a simple but powerful tiny computer that can be used for covert operations to drain out securely placed data.

Dubbed Mini Pwner, the tiny spy machine is presently being sold for a mere $99, but above all, his website clearly tells you how to set up one easily using simple hardware and open source software elements.

The spy computer which is way too smaller than an average Smartphone can be easily made with a TP-Link router with the help of the OpenWRT software which is freely available in open source platform.

To cook the dish complete, you need a USB thumb drive and a battery pack, which makes the total bill near $40 only.

If you go more innovative to remove the router case, the whole thing will easily fix inside an Altoid tin box.

But when plugged into an open Ethernet port or a server closet or into one of a company’s IP phones and contacted back through Wi-Fi from a safe distance, this spy machine can map the company’s network and packets being send with software like Nmap and dSniff.

Anybody want play James Bond with an Altoid Box?

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