Intel Chief River Ivy Bridge Chipsets May Come On or Before June 5; Lenovo Document Leaks

April 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Intel is very tricky when it comes to giving away info about the upcoming chip sets and their launch dates. That makes the Chief River Ivy Bridge chipsets from the chipzilla a real matter of concern for the chip crazy all over the world.

But just like there is an app for everything, there are short cuts to reach out to secret info kept safe inside the corporate cellars of these big names when it comes to the gadget world.

So we have got a clue about the launch date of these chipsets, not from the horse’s mouth, but from Lenovo.

According to a document that originated from Lenovo, they are going to start shipping a batch of laptops which is yet to be announced or christened officially from June 5th onwards.

Interestingly, these rigs are packed with the Chief River Ivy Bridge chipsets from Intel. So now you understand the logic.

If Lenovo is going to start selling the models with the chipsets, Intel has to officially roll them out at least on that date, right? So that tip of ice berg is a very soothing one for the chip crazy who have been sitting on the edges of their chairs to know about a possible clue on the release of the Ivy Bridge chipsets from Intel.

The full document reveals a lot about the upcoming laptop plans from Lenovo, so don’t give it a miss when you check with the full document.

Now let us know if anyone out there is actually excited about the upcoming Ivy Bridge chipsets from Intel.

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