HeroCraft Arcade Game Yumsters! Arrives on Windows Phone 7 Devices [Trailer]

April 18, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gaming freaks playing on Windows Phone 7 devices can now look forward to some amazing times. HeroCraft has brought their exciting arcade game Yumsters! on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

In case you haven’t as yet had a stint with the Yumsters, let’s tell you the game has adorable worm like creatures mad about fruit. You will need to keep the board clear by dragging them and having them eat their favorite colored fruit.

The game arrives on your WP7 handsets sporting 64 amazing levels of play and has two modes. You get to play with as many as seven humorous Yumsters who possess superpowers, and are accompanied by some enticing graphics and sound effects.

What’s in store as you play are a variety of awards and a worldwide high-score table. You get to drift through seven original locations, even as you pocket a slew of bonuses.

On your Windows Phone 7 handheld, you can now go all out and play the fast-paced puzzle game that takes the match to higher levels of entertainment.

So head for HeroCraft and get Yumsters! on your WP7 device now. Tell us if you like it too.

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