Nokia- Microsoft in Bounty Hunt for Developers to Spot Best Code Warriors

April 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The presence of most number of usable apps is one of the major factors that decide the popularity of a smartphone platform.

Keeping this vital trade secret in mind, the Nokia-Microsoft team is now trying to lure more developers into publishing more apps for the Windows Phone platform. To bag more hot apps, the duo is going to conduct a Bounty Hunt and code war for developers.

The duo has launched a website named Code Warrior, where users and developers can propose app ideas and then vote for them. Based on the vote a certain app idea gets, organizers will put a bounty on it. The best app developed based on the idea will get the bounty.

Bounties range from points, badges and devices to even real cash, based on the popularity of the idea. Nokia and Microsoft believe that such a contest will make able developers without innovative app ideas get it from innovative users.

To catch more developers hot from their den, the promotional contest will start a 14 city expedition which will start from Houston,Texas on May 10.

The developers who satisfy the bounty awards criteria by building an app on the bounty board can get the associated prize as well as special prizes.

A total of 100 Lumia devices are planned to be distributed per city as initial prizes, which make a 1400 Lumia devices waiting for able developers across the country. Additional prizes will be distributed to top 3 apps, student created apps and best dressed Bounty Hunter too.

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