Halo 4 Coming November 6th

April 17, 2012, By Christian Davis

I don’t know about you, but this is the game that I’ve been waiting for since it’s announcement last year at Microsoft’s press conference. The amount of time I’ve spent playing the Halo franchise easily triples my time spent on any other game. I love everything about the series, from it’s design, to it’s lore, all the way to the core gameplay; I can’t get enough of Halo. Bungie did a great job with the games in the past and now it’s 343 Industries’ job to step up to the plate and do the series justice. The return of the Halo franchise starts on November 6th with Halo 4 arriving on Xbox 360’s world wide.

We’ve seen a nice amount of footage from the game thus far thanks to screenshots and video documentaries and everyone – at least I am- is very excited to get their hands on one of the series that made the Xbox what it is today. November 6th is not only the launch of Halo 4 but the launch of a brand new Halo trilogy that takes place after the events of Halo 3.

E3 is coming up extremely fast so you can expect to see a lot more news about the game within the upcoming months and hopefully, we’ll even be able to get our hands on the title as well.

If the launch date isn’t enough to satisfy you then tonight on Conan O’ Brien’s show, there will be a special segment dedicated to the launch date announcement of Halo 4. The show starts at 11pm PST and you better believe that I’ll be tuning in.


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