Android May Go Military with Small Tweaks; May Control US Drone Bombing in Future

April 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android is still a smartphone platform loved by general public very much. Now, there are high chances that armed forces the world over will also show love for Android devices in the near future, as the platform is found to be most suitable to develop military grade communication devices.

Though the trend of products developed by military research moving to general public was common for years, the opposite flow has not been so. But Android is now swimming against that current.

According to experts who have tired modifying the open and free Android platform to suit military purposes, 80 percent of the elements needed to build a military grade Smartphone is already present with this Google Mobile Os which makes the job easier for military researchers.

Expert firms like Elektrobit is already selling reference designs to defense contractors across the world to customize Android for military and public safety purposes.

Raptor Identification Systems, one of the defense contractors for US Army has already developed smartphones and tablets running on Android platform with biometric scanners for US Department of Defense personnel.

To modify this popular Smartphone platform for military purpose, military researchers add a strong middleware between the app layer and OS which boosts the platform security to suit the strict security policies implemented by the defense departments while using such devices for strategically crucial communications.

Coupling this software modification with a more rugged industrial design which helps it overcome pressure and to accommodate additional hardware like biometric scanners will make a usual Android phone a, military one.

Time is not far when the US military will control their drone bombings using Android tablets.

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