Microsoft Skype App for Web in the Offing; Hints a New Job Ad

April 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Big names like Apple or Microsoft always keep a lid of secrecy over their product plans and roadmaps to keep the techno crazy anxious.

However, when they come out looking for human resources with expertise in certain areas that can be a very potent indicator to their future plans and products no matter how secret they keep them. But you should know how to read the codes.

Since we are good at that art, we have got some interesting clues about Microsoft’s future Skype plans. The Software developer giant has recently came out looking for developers who have good teeth in Skype.

As per the ad, the firm is looking for ‘passionate, team oriented and self motivated’ developers to ‘bring Skype experience to the web’. So the writing on the wall is quiet clear, Microsoft is going to develop a Skype app for web.

By digging the phrases in the ad, we feel that the Microsoft is planning to develop the Skype app with more focus on HTML 5, than using Adobe Flash.

If that is the case, the app will have widened possibilities of functioning on different platforms including Apple’s iOS, since iOS does not support apps using Flash.

The ad also reveals that the developers unit in Tallinn, Estonia will be working on Skype cross platform core library while teams in Stockholm, Sweden will be looking after the audio and video front. Microsoft teams in Prague will carry out the User management functions while US team in Palo Alto will care about plugging the app online.

Now, read the actual ad here and let us know what you think about the future prospects of the Skype app from Microsoft.

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