Apple Next Gen iPod Shuffle Likely to Sport Siri

April 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearing an iPod on your head with a headphone, cool? What if it has a microphone attached to it to navigate through the playlist without using your hands? Supercool, right?

If the grapevine buzz we just stumbled upon is to be believed, Apple has just had a patent application accepted for a Bluetooth headset with an MP3 player built-in.

We also hear reports of Apple roping in the voice assistant Siri to this device. So clubbing all the above together, it should be believed that a Siri-powered headset is on the way.

Well, Apple is again in the iPod shuffle fray, but this time we can expect for more than a mere set of Bluetooth headsets.

As per the patent document, the new iPod shuffle is likely to be a Bluetooth headset attached to a second in-ear phone and there are hints that it can also be Beats-style and can be worn.

The last generation Shuffle, did not have button controls. Instead, it had in-line microphone clicks to navigate songs and current playlist, but looked so weird.

Let’s wait and see whether Apple is going to act on this new shuffle idea any further or do away with it. Since the patent has been made, the concept is more likely to become a reality.

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