RIM Looks to the Middle East and Asia; Flagship Shop in Dubai

April 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After facing a collapse in sales of Blackberry devices in the Western markets, RIM seems to revamping strategies to stay afloat. As part of the new focus, the Canadian major will look at the Middle East, Asian and African countries to push its presence.

As an initial step, RIM has announced a flagship store in the United Arab Emirates, and is planning to open a 15,00 square feet office in Dubai. There is a large demand for Blackberry mobiles in the regions due to features like the free instant-messaging program.

We hear RIM is planning to open more stores with local partner Axiom Telecom. The relationship between RIM and UAE government has never been smooth road, if you would remember.

In 2010, the UAE government had decided to block e-mail, instant messaging, and web browsing on BlackBerry devices unless RIM services agreed to abide by the UAE telecommunications regulations. The two parties finally reached an agreement in that regard.

Apart from the UAE, RIM also planning to venture into regions like Asia and Africa with added strength. India is a big market already. RIM is looking at making real a dream of opening 4000 retail shops in Indonesia. The new stores plan will be followed up in the African region too.

The Western market experience has hurt RIM with a drop in sales coming about following the popularity of iPhones or Android devices.

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