TV Viewing and Tablet Use Go Hand in Hand, Says a New Study

April 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It looks like television has found an unexpected kinship from one of the new genre devices. This is no joke, since a new study indicates that television watching and fiddling with tablets are two behaviors that happen parallel with most of the tablet owners.

According to a new survey by marketing research firm Forrester, 85 percent of the tablet owners do something on their tablet while watching television.

Though tablets are recently considered as killer devices which have dented the PC market considerably during the last some quarters, the new finding shows that they also know how to turn friendly with another genre of device, but not necessarily in the market.

However, eighty-five percent users may be fiddling on the slates to skip the ads in between their favorite shows, but tablets like Kindle Fire, Nook and iPad are turning more into couch computer and making the traditional television a dumb device.

The study shows that the though OEM companies who were kings in the consumer electronics market may try to get back their scepter and isle through Smart TVs, users may not take that bait. Experts found that users find their tablets smarter than such devices.

The new trend among users is not to go for televisions as additional viewing device, since many are watching streaming videos on tablets at additional places like kitchen and bathroom apart from living rooms.

Giving more weight to this assumption, 32 percent of the respondents who took part in the study said that they won’t buy an additional small TV since they consider their tablets on par with personal TVs.

Will you buy a TV or a tablet?

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