Micron C400 mSATA Drives Out; Touts Large Storage in Smaller Package

April 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

To make the world smaller and beautiful, Micron is now offering their RealSSD C400 series of solid state drives in the updated small mSATA packages.

A shrinking size does not mean any compromise on its performance but more real estate for gadget innards.

Micron promises same performance for its new packages as the c400 products despite having a smaller form factor of 1.2 x 2.0 inch (3cm x 5cm) mSATA size. With this size, they will be the most suitable ones for thin laptops.

SSDs tend to be faster than the spinning hard disks that are found on standard main stream laptops.

So when the storage becomes thinner, that is a blessing for the manufacturer to build their even thinner, but lightning fast machine.

To enlighten you on the performance of these products, let us just look into the details. The 256 GB version has a 500 MB/s read rate while it writes data to the disk in a 260 Mb/s speed.

However, the speed comes down as the storage capacity decreases. So a 32 GB variant has restricted writing speeds at 50 MB/s. But, all the models depend on the 6 gigabits per second SATA interface despite their storage capacity.

Micron expects that the OEMs will take the large capacity models as hard drive replacements in systems like Windows laptops while the smaller ones will best fit as cache drives for dual drive systems.

The primary benchmark tests also have shown the C400 mSATA drives  work exceptionally when compared to the speed at which it’s thicker rivals functions.

So we hope, the new product will help us see thinner machines in the future.

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