LG Google TV 3D LED TVs to Hit US Markets this Week

April 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since it was shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in the first month of this year, the new era of Google TV with stunning hardware support from LG was something folks who love Google and streaming television had been waiting for.

However, the manufacturer was not ready to disclose the possible launch date for the new Google TV equipped 3D television sets in the US.

Now information from a Korean financial firm who has better knowledge about LG’ s product launching schedule suggest a possible time frame in which to expect those products hitting the US markets.

The first series of products in this line will hit the US stores this week. Though we are not sure about the reliability of the info, the source also hints that the 47 inch model will come with a $1600 price tag while the 55 inch one will cost you $2100.

Now we will enlighten those who missed the stories about these new products from LG shown in the last CES. They were crowd pullers at CES.

These LED televisions had Google TV inside  and also featured less expensive passive 3D technology avoiding the use of active shutter frame glasses.

However, grapevine says that LG and Google are brewing more things under the hood. There are rumors that both the companies are working on a Nexus branded Google TV that will eventually function as Google’s flagship device in its strategy to conquer the living rooms world over.

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