Intel Working on 75 Ultrabook Designs

April 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ultrabooks may be a dead name for those big slate players who dream about the revolution to be brought by the upcoming Windows 8 and Jellybean on 7 inch spaces. But that is not the case with Intel.

The chipzilla is not yet ready to drop its dreams on these smaller, cuter and cheaper devices which are in fact up to and above the usability mark of certain tablets right now available in the market.

To drive their dream up to heights, the chip maker is hurriedly working on 75 different and new Ultrabook designs which will help the portable computer genre of devices to fight the tablet war a better way.

Obviously, Intel is going the way which Google picked to fight the Kindle Fire of Amazon – that is to bag the lower segment of the market with cheaper rates, but quality devices. So, Intel’s Ultrabook strategy not only focuses on the design but also on the pricing.

We here they are likely to drop the prices at least by $100 making the cheapest Ultrabook available for an easy $699.

But that is way too higher than the $199 Kindle Fire tablet and the 7 inch Google tab Asus is working on.

Though Intel has kept tight lipped not slip the launch date for these devices, earlier predictions indicate that the first wave of these rigs may come along with the Windows 8 launch.

However, experts are still skeptical about Ultrabook’s ability to make any dent on the tablet or notebook market immediately. A change, if they are possible to make it, will probably come in 2013 only.

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