Microsoft XP to Get MS Support Only for 2 More Years; Vista Enters Extended Support Phase

April 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has tossed many a Windows version on us, and we embraced only some of them. XP was one among the lot which got maximum popular support. Whatever came after XP were futile updates.

Vista was unusable with its concern for safety and Windows 7 was just a polished XP. However, XP is dying. Microsoft will withdraw all support to XP in a two year period.

As per the announcement from Microsoft, Windows XP is presently in Extended support stage and it will end on 2014. This is applicable to Office 2003 also.

Interestingly,Vista and Office 2007 will find their Mainstream support from Microsoft end this week and will enter into the Extended support stage.

Microsoft, according to its policies, offers two stages of support for a software product during its life cycle. The Mainstream support phase offer the software all free security updates, improvements to achieve more stability and fix for bugs.

Some lucky software may get even an occasional new feature during this phase. But in Extended support phase, a software gets only free security updates and nothing else.  However, companies who have inked a paid support contract with MS can get other fixes even during Extended Support phase.

Presently, Windows Vista and Office 2007 will get the Extended Support  till April 2017. However, XP and Office 2003 will stop receiving necessary security updates by 2014, when their Extended support phase ends.

Users working with these platforms will have to take the risk of any malware which utilizes security vulnerabilities after that period.  Software dies faster than humans, right?

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