HTC One X Said to be Suffering Screen Flaw [Video]

April 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gadgets are not the perfectionists’ toy. Even after years of thorough research and discussions on design, something may go wrong at any time leaving some unforeseen flaws with gadgets before they reach actual users.

This is something that lets down both the OEMs and the customers after the launch of a device.

However, there are not many good boys around here, with a history clean of rolling out hundred percent perfect devices. HTC is notorious with design flaws with its earlier devices like Nexus One when multi-touch issues were reported and again when the EVO 4G annoyed many users with improperly mounted screens that caused cracks on the body of the device.

Now the Taiwanese company has to play efficient PR and mitigation measures since their new flagship device HTC One X is said to be suffering from similar design flaws on its touch screens.

Though the existence of the flaw is yet to confirmed, certain demo models received by the press has shown unusual pattern of selection even when the user holds the phone tightly in their hand.

Certain sources have also reported that pushing on the edges of the curved display causes it to flex and form patches of discolored pixels with the finger movements as you can watch in the video.

This makes accidental selection more possible if the user holding the phone exerts some extra pressure unintentionally on certain circumstances.

However, HTC officials made it clear that they are unaware of such an issue with units ready for shipping.

No units shipped to the users will have such flaw, they said. Presently it is assumed that the flaw was only found on earlier demo pieces.

If you came across anything similar, let us know.

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