Apple Support Page Now Live to Help Tackle Flashback Mac Trojan Menace; Further Fixes on the Way

April 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Russian security site Dr. Web exposed the java vulnerability of Mac OS X machines from Apple and the Flashback Mac Trojan that utilized the vulnerability to rapidly spread through some 650,000 Mac machines across the world, the Mac user community became panicky.

Though the response was lukewarm from Apple in the beginning, just like their lethargy in pushing necessary Java updates which are necessary to close such holes, the Cupertino giant has admitted the gravity of the situation and has rolled out a support page for the menace.

The malware, an updated variant of the Flashback Trojan, utilizes a flaw in the Java Virtual Machine.

Though Oracle pushed a security patch which sealed the vulnerability to some extent, Apple did not take any action to patch the hole until the botnet was found to be rapidly spreading across the globe though Mac machines running Mac OS X platform.

Apple has now rolled out dual updates for patching the Java vulnerability. But reports indicate that the updates  will safeguard machines running OS 10.6 and 10.7 only.

For the time being, Apple has no security update for users with machines running on 10.5 or earlier versions. So the iGiant has asked those users to disable Java in their browser preferences to check the Trojan infection.

Though the new support page promises a timely fix for the menace, it has not issued any clear time table or schedule for further updates. Moreover, it is not yet clear if Apple is taking up any action in connection with ISPs to cut down the IP addresses used by the botnet.

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