Adobe Reader Gets Free eSignature Feature; Lets You Sign and Send Documents Easily

April 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though handwriting has lost some of its relevance with the invasion of digital text pads, signing still holds its line – both in the digital realm and outside.

So to make it more flexible for its users Adobe is now introducing Adobe EchoSign with its PDF reader application Adobe Reader, in order to allow anyone to electronically sign and send documents.

By making eSignatures available to hundreds of thousands of users of the free portable document reader software on desktops, iOS or Android mobile devices, Adobe has in a way helped the practice of signing documents to stand the test of time more effectively even in the digital era.

By integrating their Reader app with EchoSign eSignature service, Adobe now offers users added assurance and helps them understand if the documents have been received, organized and managed well.

The feature is available with Adobe Reader 10.1.3 for desktops where it allows users to draw their sign or put a typed or cursive signature, while its mobile counterpart lets users sign with the help of Ink Signature Tool which allows users to finger-draw their signature on a touch screen.

A document which needs signature from more than one user can be signed by multiple users by connecting to Adobe EchoSign which makes it easier to track and manage the status of documents online.

Signed documents can be archived in the cloud, for easy for access from anywhere via a web browser. Adobe Reader for mobile brings new features like annotation using highlight, strikethrough or underline and marking up text. It also allows sticky notes anywhere on a PDF document for commenting.

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