New iPhone Prototype Internal Testing Starts; Packs A5x Processor Chip

April 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rumor mills often survive with the help of Apple. The iGiant actively pursues a tight schedule on its products’ life cycle one after another.

If it were all iPad stories two months ago, it is now time for us to run some stories on the upcoming iPhone.

Information from sources close to the Cupertino giant says that the company has started testing a prototype of the new iPhone internally. The news is no surprise as the iPhone, which is the best seller device from Apple’s stable, is due for an upgrade.

Though there is no clear cut information on the existing prototype, the grapevine hints that it is still the same iPhone 4 in its looks, but the innards, obviously differ. The trick is to avoid any possible hint on the visible features of the upcoming iPhone.

However, leaked information so far suggests that the prototype may test an A5X processor chip which is different from the chips used in Apple products. As per source info, the chip is named S5L8945X.

If we do some guesswork on that, one of the major roles of A5 processor in the new iPad is to run the CPU intensive massive display without lags.

Earlier rumors from Apple’s upstream supply chain about the upcoming iPhone have also hinted that it may feature a Retina Display.

Joining the dots with the emerging info about A5X chip in the iPhone prototype undergoing internal testing, it is logical to believe that the rumor about the upcoming ‘iPhone with Retina Display’ is more likely to be true. What do you think?

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