Samsung Flexible Super AMOLED Display Concept Christened YOUM [Video]

April 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung has no names to defeat when it comes to bringing out exceptional display technology, for gadgets in any range. So this Korean name in the trade is a must for many big brands when they go looking for display panels for their new products.

However, Sammy cannot stop coming out with innovations in their display technology, so they are planning to develop a new generation display concept in their inventories to revolutionize the gadget world.

Dubbed YOUM, the new concept is basically a Super AMOLED display but with utmost flexibility.

Though we don’t know exactly what this four lettered, seemingly acronym means, Samsung’s official website has almost agreed upon the name as an official one.

Based on its construction, this multi layered flexible AMOLED display has four layers. In its structure, the display will have a Thin Film Transistor Film as the lowest layer above which an Organic layer resides.

The organic layer is encased between the TFT layer and Encap film layer. Above all, a polariser layer is placed. The polariser layer is expected have the multi touch sensor too.

Sammy describes it as a thinner and lighter one than the present AMOLED displays. According to Samsung, the major feature its unbreakable nature, since there is no glass is involved in the design.

Though there is no clue on when this concept screen tech  will turn into actual feature of real devices, everybody counts on a one year period. Now watch a video of the concept after the break.

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