Mozilla Demos Plug-In Free, WebRTC Standards Based Video Chat Application

April 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mozilla, as you know, always strives to make the internet helpful to people in their day to day life. Now they are bringing standard-based video chat to the browser.

By showcasing it on an experimental build of the open source browser recently, they have demonstrated how the new feature will function.

Built on the lines of the Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) standard, it can bring out streaming audio and video through the web, which we usually do with the help of suitable plug-ins.

The standard, which is the backbone of the technique, the WebRTC is still in its draft stages, but all major browser vendors have been looking at it.

The backbone technology that enables audio and video streaming without plug- ins was actually an innovation from Global IP solutions. The firm was acquired by Google in 2010 and the search giant has opened up the source code to make it the new standard.

The Mozilla demo shows how to access a live video stream from a user’s webcam using just a web browser and native HTML and Java.

The new Mozilla initiative  into bringing WebRTC standard to their browser is now being developed in one Mozilla branch, will be available in nightly builds just in a matter of months.

Google being the pioneer in WebRTC, has camera access APIs already in the Chrome developer channel.

But WebRTC is still in draft form and when the WebRTC W3C working group confirms a final form after all revisions, we know we will be able to chat literally over streaming audio and video without cursing the crashing plug-ins.

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