Intel StudyBook Tablets to Follow Up Classmate PCs in Global Education Market

April 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Intel is going back to school, yet again. They did, in fact with their Class mate PC earlier, eyeing at the lucrative education market some five years ago.

Now the times have changed and PCs are being replaced by tablets. So Intel is following up its Classmate PC with a new tablet product for the education market.

Dubbed StudyBook, the school tablet from the chipzilla will go down to kids from next week onwards. Running on Intel’s Medfiled chips, StudyBooks will feature 10 inch display and ability to manage dual operating systems.

Though StudyBook is aiming at the education market, it will fit the regular retail market channels also. The rig will first hit markets in China and Brazil, while it will take a while for Intel to bring it down to the US and UK markets.

Though no clear clues have been given regarding the expected price for these countries now, experts suggest that the price tag will be anything less than $299 (£188).

After running the Classmate PC project for about five years Intel enjoys partnerships with many emerging countries.

The StudyBook tablet will improve their position. Emerging information from Intel circles suggest that Taiwanese notebook maker ECS and China based Malata have clinched the manufacturing deals for the StudyBook.

To reap more from the education market, Intel and Lenovo has launched a 10.1 inch PC with Atom N2600 chip and Windows 7 for a US$300-400 range in Argentina.

The rig has got excellent response in the country by bagging some 158,000 units in a go. Speculation is rife that similar machines with 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive and a 1.8 GHz Atom N455 processor will hit US market too.

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