Ultrabooks Need to Get Touch Interface to Fight Tablet War

April 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tablets are devices the under limelight now. Every platform developer hatches out a tablet-tailored version, sometimes even forgetting the basic PCs.

Everybody says the future is in tablets. Well, ultrabooks were there. In fact, they are still there, roughly as a bridge which connects the mobile PC, tablet and Smartphone markets.

But to grab attention, they need to evolve more. In every sense, ultra books are a step ahead than tablets in usability for average users. It has the portability and power life features like tablets, but at the same time offers full PC features for content authoring and similar serious tasks, unlike tablets.

But ground breaking landmarks like Windows 8 are upcoming in such a way that PCs may no longer exist. In order to play in line with such software optimizations, ultrabooks should come out with touch screens, which seem to be the central feature of tablets which the software developers are tapping at more .
In that way, ultrabooks will be tablets, a level up, especially with the competition in the tablet markets are coming out with bigger screen devices.

However, adding touch screen ability to a device with the clamshell form factor will not be an easy game. It can affect the thickness of the gadget, at least by an inch, which is very crucial with portable devices.

If a solution comes out this way, and the rigs go touchy in future, we bet, users will have more potent options in the gadget market for usable portable gadgets.

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