Mozilla Firefox Gets Windows 8 Version with Metro Specific Features

April 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mozilla’s attempts to create a compatible version with the upcoming Windows 8 platform are progressing successfully, according to reports from the Mozilla team.

Mozilla has announced its Windows 8 version earlier this year, which can support both traditional desktop Windows environment and the new touch-screen Metro interface of Windows 8.

Though the team is not yet able to provide a downloadable package for the new version, the project is progressing faster. According to Mozilla Firefox developer team members, the new version enables easy navigation, tabbed browsing, bookmarking, cache retaining, building history, and anything you need on-line, just like any other browser.

Interestingly, the Metro version of Firefox is a lot similar to its Android version due to their platform similarities. But that does not mean that Firefox on Metro is not yet adapted.

It also offers Metro specific enhancements like snapping, which allows users to snap any other app while Firefox is running, so that it can be seen side by side.

Firefox has been adapted to make the most of windows 8’s global search feature, which allows users to search instantaneously, no matter what app they are running.

With Firefox, if you enter an exact URL, it will fetch you the page or it will search your entry with the help of your default browser. Special features also include a Metro file picker which allows opening and saving files.

Windows 8 Firefox is actually a hybrid app which can run on normal desktop app and a Metro UI, which makes it usable for users who decides to ignore Windows 8 and those who want to use it. But the latter should tweak the settings to keep Firefox the default browser since Windows 8 allows only one browser.

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