Twitter Goes to NY Kindergarten to Teach Kids

April 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever thought of Twitter being more useful than sending small crappy messages to your friends? Now, a teacher in New York is giving Twitter lessons to students at her Kindergarten classes, showing that the micro blogging service can be handy when teaching something to kids.

Schools using technology in classrooms are not a new thing, but using micro blogging services like Twitter at kindergarten levels is really something unheard of.

Jennifer Aaron, a kindergarten teacher at the New York City public school found that the short tweets are the most befitting way to teach the kids how to summarize their days.

Aaron’s Twitter project for the kids includes using it three days a week to compose group messages summarizing their daily events. According to her, Twitter is so useful for five year old kids to think about the events on the day and put it in short and sweet tweets.

One of such 116 word short tweet made by the kindergartners during their project reads like, “We added more days in school stickers. We didn’t have any lame reflections. We had snack outside. Ask us about time.”

Jennifer Aaron found that usually kids go home and when the parents ask them about what they did on the day, kids find it difficult to summarize their activities and often replies like ‘I don’t know’.

The Twitter project will help them better describe events and activities in short but effective manner since the service allows only 140 character long messages.

Innovative thinking, right? Seems the blue chirpy bird has got some right company there in the kindergartens.

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