RIM 4G LTE Smartphone Arena Foray Lined Up

April 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What’s in store for BlackBerry? In case you thought the scene is so bad, Research In Motion (RIM) has some great plans to stay afloat. The company is stepping into 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in smartphones, and the manufacturer is considering marketing some LTE devices soon.

The new move is expected to improve the present condition of BlackBerry devices.

A deeper look into the scene would tell you that RIM can profit huge with their new move to experiment with the new generation technology in wake of technological glitches that occurred in the first generation LTE handsets.

Lack of good battery support and absence of applications that tap the high speed offered by LTE network were a huge trauma. So, it is a great time now for RIM to make such a crucial decision.

RIM’s BlackBerry 10 that belongs to QNX lineup is expected to reveal later part of this year, and we hope the device is LTE enabled.

The OS for BlackBerry 10 was delayed several times, and the reason was thought to be its incapability to run on LTE.

The company has been silent about the chipmakers for their new device. The company relies on several LTE Layer 1 Software Developers for LTE related functions.

RIM is taking care in every attributes to make the device absolutely faultless. For this, they have instituted analysis for performance issues, optimization of HSxPA and LTE technologies.

Experts speculate that a good part of expenditure is separated for making the 4G best in quality, and to resolve issues like low battery backup in LTE.

So, there is enough scope to expect more from the BlackBerry 10. Let’s wait until release to know how it will really be.

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