Apple iPhone Case Now Comes with a Condom Slot [Video]

April 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple iPhones are one of Apple’s way of showcasing their creativity and innovation. Once an iPhone is out, its then time for case makers to show off their innovation and creativity.

We have told you umpteen times about weird iPhone case designs like the half cup design and sparklingly brilliant iPhone cases, which can make it used as an underwater cam too. However, the present one is a real handy idea for playboys with an iPhone.

Australian company Annex Products have gone too far in innovation that they understand the importance of unexpected situations in life. So they have rolled out a new iPhone case with a special compartment to keep your – Condoms!

The sliding compartment on this iPhone case is designed in such a way that, condoms can be hid inside without giving any chances of peeking eyes. If the action is around unexpectedly, get going as far as your iPhone 4 or $S is with you with this special case from Annex.

The idea reportedly came from the experience of an Australian man, who went to his girlfriend’s home and ended up in embarrassment when the parents of the girl figured out the reason behind the square bulge in his wallet. The incident has not only inspired the product idea, but also its promotional video.

Rightfully dubbed Playa, this iPhone case can store up to two condoms. The company is yet to make it clear if the size of the condoms will be an issue. If so, we expect Playa will come with different models for different condom sizes. Funny, right?

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