Google Wallet to Get Gift Card Feature, Indicates Recent TxVia Merger

April 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It looks like Google is really serious about pushing their mobile wallet service to better grounds. The search giant has announced in their official Google Commerce blog that they have acquired TxVia, a payments technology company.

The move is believed to be a tip of the ice berg of plans with which Google is going to make Google Wallet a crowd-puller.

Though the search giant did not make it clear exactly how much they have spent to bag the NY-based firm, the expertise with TxVia is indeed going to put the Wallet service to a higher plain.

However, TxVia merger is a good indication about what Google Wallet may become in the very next future. The payment technology company is specialized in their work with prepaid and gift card technologies.

They have made their mark in the industry by offering faster and reliable payment platforms which are very flexible to meet the needs of different clients.

However, acquiring such a company could be a good clue that Google may soon add gift card features to Google Wallet.

Though Google Wallet had the cute wrappers which are usually found with any industry innovations, many suspected its chances of survival in the US market.

The initial security issues kept innovators at bay from hoping on to this electronic payment method which allows users to make contact-free transactions using an NFC enabled device.

Lesser number of compatible devices and competition from Isis, a similar initiative supported by major network carriers again made it difficult for Google.

But if Google decide to take up aggressive plans to lure more people to try this new payment  method, none of these above hurdles will stand on its way.  Don’t you think so?

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