Apple iPad Retina Display is the Most Loved Feature; Reveals Study

April 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

No matter what the skeptics say, users love the Retina Display of their new iPad, reveals a new study conducted by ChangeWave. The US-based research firm, in a survey conducted among 200 people who own the new iPad, found that 75 percent of the iPad owners who took part in the study love the Retina Display on the device more than any other feature.

Though the survey was carried out within a smaller pool of 200 respondents, the results are almost on the expected lines. Comparing the results of their past studies, ChangeWave also claims that customer satisfaction is very high with the new iPad.

Batterylife stood behind Retina Display as the most favored feature of the new iPad, with 22 percent of the people supporting the claim.

The 4G LTE radios got 21 percent of the customers hitting ‘like’ on them, while 20 percent of the respondent said they love the faster processor on the new iPad than any other feature.

As per the study, more than 82 percent of the new iPad owners who cooperated with the study said they are ‘very satisfied’ with the device. It constitutes every four out of five new iPad owners. In the remaining minority, 16 percent said they are ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the new iPad.

While asked about the features of the new iPad which they dislike more, 8 percent respondents said the size and weight of the gadget and amount of flash memory were putting them down. Interestingly, only 7 percent of the users complained about the excessive heat with new iPad where only 6 percent found the battery life an issue of concern.

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