Adobe Lightroom GPS Tagging and Extended Video Format Support Laudable

April 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe Lightroom’s fourth version will be available for purchase for a few weeks now, and that make it’s the right time for an overview of the new version now. The fourth version is notable for its price cut than its features, in a way.

It comes for $149, half the price of its predecessor or for a $79 upgrade price, thanks to the price war with Apple’s Aperture which is now at $80.

However, new features like GPS tagging in the new Map module, photo book creation, and extended video file support will make an average user very pleasant.

What we noticed first was the ease with which it handled playback for a range of digital video formats to cover usual digital camera videos. The basic clip editing options that are added with version 4 are cute; you can just trim the clips using the gear on the player.

The live preview to tone and balance tweaks made within the Library module too found working at incredible pace even for 1080p footage.

If you are a social network crazy, the updated Lightroom enables sharing videos to Flickr or Facebook.

The changes in the Tone section are a welcome move, since the improved sliders give you clearer tonal adjustments and improved range adjustments.

The updated Lightroom also brings improved local editing possibilities with more filters in the brushable and graduated tricks.  With the improvement, tweak the white balance or reduce noise with more local control than with version 3.

Though it was a hurried review, we also found that the fixes using profile-based chromatic aberration correction which often gave errors are now replaced with more accurate evaluative chromatic aberration detection.

If anybody got their hands on the new version of Adobe Lightroom, tell us what you found interesting with the update in your comments.

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