Tegra 3 Powered Cheaper Tablets Set for Summer Roll Out

April 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like the rules of the battle are changing in the tablet terrain as of late. We had told you earlier that the price war will be intensified at the lower segment of the tablet market with Google planning a cheaper 7 inch tab from Asus to fight Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

But now, it seems that more inexpensive tablets are in the pipeline. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has revealed it recently in an interview that even cheaper tablets powered with Tegra 3 chips will hit the market this summer. His statement points to gadgets other than the expected Google Nexus device and Asus tablets.

The NVIDIA chief also confirmed the rumours that the new line of inexpensive tablets will be below the $200 price tag, which is pleasant news for us now.

By examining the status of the matter, it can be expected that the Android side will gain more with the upcoming change than the Apple front.

A good indication is the success of Kindle Fire which was able to take control of 14 percent of the total tablet market within a quarter, even when it was introduced to a segment which was almost saturated with more than 200 similar devices.

Moreover, the Kindle Fire had no camera and the fanfare that surrounds Apple products. With the spurt of better devices in the lower segment, Android is likely to overtake Apple in tablet sales within a matter of four years.

However, NVIDIA CEO could not help hide his adoration for the upcoming tablet platform from Microsoft – Windows 8. According to him, the Android development in the tablet front has been more disappointing and the only hope remaining is Windows 8. He feels that the Windows 8 tablet powered by a Tegra chip will be one of the nicest gadgets on earth.  Do you think so?

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